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Chasing the muse. Making music is a very difficult thing, not in the actual process, but getting things moving. Everything can be set up and ready for creation, but when actually having time to sit down, nothing's there. A giant radiotelescope with no signal to receive. Only when pulled along by that spark of inspiration, I am up till 3am and in the flow. Otherwise, I am immobile.

I see that many artists and writers force the mode by just pushing through. I have to be hit, otherwise my willingness to sit is overcome-- there are any number of other things to learn and pursue.

I am just one of a body of music makers. I'm just a fellow contributor to the ocean of work. I have no aspiration to be famous or distinguished, I just like being dragged along by the muse.

Music is spellcasting. Conditions must be right. An idea must germinate. All of this takes extraordinary amounts of time to brew; unfortunately time I do not have. Time we act like we have, but none of us do.

Published music can be found at:

This site is a repository for my works in progress and unreleased music. Congratulations if you find any of it, or were sent here to preview by Dennis.

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